Vergaderings van die tak word elke derde Saterdag van die maand om 14h00 gehou by die Nederduits Gereformeerde Kerk Ontdekkerskruin, Philipslaan, Ontdekkers, Roodepoort.
hierbo vir besonderhede.

08 December 2011

Newsletter: November 2011

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29 November 2011

Our tenth birthday

By Penny Evans 

Lucas Rinken and Minnie Pretorius cut the birthday cake.
 Ten years ago the West Gauteng branch of the GSSA was established. A function to celebrate this 10th birthday was held on 19th November at our usual venue in Discovery. Tables and chairs were set up under the shady trees and Christmas decorations added. Kriek Fourie soon had the fires burning in the braai.

Neels Coertse presented the birthday gift to our chairman Lucas Rinken. This marvellous gift of ten books and DVDs containing the newsletters written over the last 10 years was a project undertaken by Neels Coertse. Lucas Rinken thanked him for his excellent work. A great deal of information is contained in these newsletters.

Lucas Rinken handed out certificates of merit to the committee members, the course presenters Richard Ford and Dennis Pretorius and Japie Bosch, our blogmaster. Lucas thanked each person for their commitment and hard work. Dennis Pretorius gave Lucas Rinken his certificate and thanked him for serving as chairman for the last five years. Thank you Lucas for being so dedicated and attending the function while you are still not well.

Lucas receives a gift from Neels Coertse.
Members were asked to come dressed in an inherited outfit or a hat. Frans and Donna Viljoen and their granddaughter Donna were judged to be the winners. Well done, you looked stunning in the fashions of the thirties.

A highlight of the afternoon was the cutting of the birthday cake, baked by Minnie Pretorius. It tasted as good as it looked. We spent a leisurely afternoon enjoying the braai.

Thank you to all who helped with carrying tables and chairs, braaiing the meat and clearing up afterwards. A special thanks to Margaret Humphries for making this a success.

Lucas presents a merit certificate ro Penny Evans.
Some of our members could not attend due to ill health. We wish you a speedy recovery. For the committee members who have persevered despite illness, a very big thank you for your unselfish service. May you all have a good rest over the festive season and come back refreshed next year.

Fashion of the 1930's.  Frans and Donna Viljoen and their granddaughter, Donna, were winners.

Graham Southey receives his award.
Margaret Humphries receives her award.
John Stephens receives his award.
Giel Nel receives his award.
Dennis Pretorius receives his award.

Kriek Fourie receives his award.

08 November 2011

Nuusbrief: Oktober 2011

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24 October 2011

Helping one another

Report and pictures by Penny Evans

 The meeting held on 15 October 2011 took the form of a workshop. Members were divided into groups with a facilitator to guide the discussion. Each person was asked to discuss the areas where they were having problems with their research. It was hoped that the facilitator and group members could give advice.

Richard Ford (left) and Louw du Plessis.

For some people the problem was limited access to the internet. New members needed advice regarding which websites to look at, as well as how to navigate around genealogical websites. Members needed to know where to find passenger lists, what to do if you could find no records at all, where to find the Dutch Reformed Church records in Zimbabwe, as well as records in Holland.
A useful tip for those who were struggling to trace farm gravesites, is to go to the undertaker in the village or town and ask for information.

Louise Dick (left) and Elsabé Calitz.
Several members are still not using a genealogical program to record their information. There is a need for personal assistance, on a one to one basis. A suggestion for future workshops of this sort, is to have a laptop with internet access. This would be an excellent way of assisting a beginner.

Some members were able to exchange information with others, especially where they were researching the same family name. The workshop gave members a chance to chat and get to know each other a little better.

From left:  Lindsey Goslin, Margaret Humphreys and Elizabeth Lawrence.
Our vice-chairman, Bob Saunders, thanked the committee and facilitators for their assistance. Our chairman, Lucas Rinken, was unfortunately not able to attend the session due to ill health.

 How Petro Meyer solved her problems

Ten minute talk Petro Meyer told her story, and what an interesting story it was! After Petro’s son and family emigrated to Australia she decided to make a heritage scrapbook for her grandchildren. It soon became evident that she did not have enough information about her forebears.

Fortunately her father had researched the Oberholster family. The progenitor Hans Oberholster had left Wald in Switzerland and arrived in the Cape in about 1696. One of his descendants, owner of the farm Wonderfontein, donated some ground to the Nederduits Zuid-Afrikaanse Spoorwegmaatskappy. The station, Oberholzer still exists today.

Petro and Andrew struggled to research the Meyer family. It was after a visit to Hobby-X to buy scrapbook paper that Petro came across the GSSA stall. With the help received at the monthly meetings they were able to make progress. They organized a family gathering of the Meyers in 2010 and this enabled her to fit together many pieces of the “puzzle”.

Petro is writing a book for her grandchildren telling the intriguing family stories and recording the results of her research. She hopes that when they visit their homeland one day, that they will have compassion for the many generations of forebears who lived and died here.

02 October 2011

Introductory Genealogical Training Course

 Invitation to a three-hour introductory training course in genealogical research

Date: Saturday 22 October 2011 

Time: 14:00 to 17:00 

Venue: Dutch Reformed Church – Ontdekkerskruin, Phillips Avenue, Discovery 

Cost: Members: Individual R95 or R155 for a couple (bring your partner)
Non-members: Individual R125 or R195 for a couple (bring your friend)
(Includes your own copy of the workbook and refreshments)

This course, produced by the Genealogical Society of South Africa and brought to you by the West Gauteng branch, offers an introduction to genealogical research in eight modules. It is ideal for newcomers to genealogical research and for those who have made a start but who feel they need help with their research: where and how to find information; how to capture the information; and how to present it. Every participant will receive a certificate on conclusion of the course.

Module Title Time Presenter
1 Background 14:00 to 14:20 Dennis Pretorius
2 Working documents 14:20 to 14:45
3 Unpublished sources 14:45 to 15:05 Richard Ford
4 Internet sources 15:05 to 15:30 Lucas Rinken
Refreshment break 15:30 to 16:00
5 Formal sources 16:00 to 16:20 Dennis Pretorius
6 Interesting facts 16:20 to 16:40 Lucas Rinken
7 Presentation 16:40 to 17:00 Richard Ford
8 Your own Family History

Contact Richard Ford by not later than 14 October 2011 at:  
Cell: 073-250-6208; Fax: 086-515-8128 or e-mail ryford@iafrica.com

01 October 2011

Preserving Your Family History Records Digitally

Nearly a year ago, I published an article about Gary Wright's definitive whitepaper on preserving your family history records digitally, writes Dick Eastman in his online newsletter.

Gary is an employee of FamilySearch. In his paper, he explained the many issues involved with digital archiving, including the pitfalls of digital storage of priceless paperwork and of old family photographs that have been digitized.

As he explains, if done right, digital archives will last for decades. If done wrong, they may not last three years. 

Gary has now updated his white paper. Changes in the new version include:
  1. Recommendations about using flash drives and cloud backup to preserve family history records 
  2. Important and exciting news about a new industry partnership that has the potential to create a new de facto standard for archiving storage media
  3. Removal of the internet service offering for personal archiving since its launch has been delayed 
 You can read this important analysis HERE

25 September 2011

Erfenisdagviering in Roodepoort

Die tak se deelname aan Erfenisdagviering by die Roodepoortse Musuem op Sondag, 25 September 2011 het goed afgeloop. Altesame elf taklede het aan ons genealogie-uitstalling deel gehad.

Digby 100 name is tot e-SAGI bygevoeg. Nuwe taklede is die geleentheid gegee om hul eie navorsing met Lucas Rinken te bespreek. Terselfdertyd het lede die geleentheid gebruik om mekaar beter te leer ken.

Dit was 'n goeie voorbereiding vir die Hobby-X-uitstalling later vanjaat.

Op 4 Februarie 2012 hou ons weer ‘n Genealogiedag saam met die Roodepoortse Museum. Dis ‘n geleentheid wat die museum ons elke jaar met hul opedag bied. Vir die tak is dit ‘n uitstekende geleentheid om ons produkte te verkoop, nuwe lede te werf en ons tak wyer bekend te stel.

24 September 2011

Besige tyd

Giel Nel
Deur John Stephens

Verlede Saterdag, 17 September, het ‘n elftal lede onder leiding van Giel Nel, ons begraafplaaskoördineerder, die fotografering en optekening van die grafstene in die Panorama-begraafplaas aangepak. Honderde grafte is opgeteken en gefotografeer.

Margaret Humphries
Dit was ‘n heerlike lentedag. Daar was nie net gewerk nie, want Margaret Humphries  het heerlike verversings saamgebring en ons kon dit geniet en terselfdertyd ‘n bietjie asem skep. Dis jammer dat nie meer lede hierdie ervaring kon beleef nie. Dit was ‘n geleentheid om onderlinge verhoudinge te verbeter en kameraadskap te bou.

Lucas Rinken
Ongelukkig het voorsitter Lucas Rinken ongesteld geraak en hy moes vertrek.

Sondag, 25 September, neem die tak deel aan ‘n Erfenisdaguitstalling saam met die Roodepoortse Museum. Lucas sal die leiding neem. Talle lede sal ook daar wees vir morele ondersteuning en om toeskouers in te lig oor ons tak en sy aktiwiteite.
Lucas is 'n ervare man as dit by uitstallings kom. Nie aleen voer hy die span by die jaarlikse Hobby-X uitstalling aan nie, maar hy was ook die leier by die uitstalling op 3 September in Pretoria. Hierdie uitstalling word jaarliks deur die bekwame Isabel Groesbeek georganiseer. Vanjaar was Lucas en Kriek Fourie ons verteenwoordigers.

Uitstallings is vir die tak ook van groot waarde, aangesien dit ook die geleentheid skep waar takfondse versterk word deur die verkoop van ons produkte soos e-SAGI.

Kriek Fourie
Die volgende takbyeenkoms is op 15 Oktober 2011.  Ons gaan in groepe verdeel.  Onder bekwame leiers gaan ons probleme wat ons in ons eie navorsing ondervind, bespreek en oplossings daarvoor probeer vind. Ons nooi alle lede en belangstellendes om dit by te woon. Die byeenkoms begin om 14:00 in die kerksaal van die Ned. Geref. Kerk, Ontdekkerskruin.

Vanjaar is ons tak tien jaar oud. Om hierdie geleentheid feestelik te vier, hou ons ‘n verjaardagmakietie op 19 November 2011 om 14:00 op die kerkgronde van die Ned. Geref. Kerk, Ontdekkerskruin. Daar sal ‘n verjaardagkoek wees. Mienie Pretorius en Margaret Humphries sal daarvoor sorg. Kriek Fourie sorg weer vir die bring-en-braai. Om die taklede se verskuilde talente na te speur, sal daar ‘n impromptu-konsert wees. Dit gaan ‘n jollige affêre wees. Terselfdertyd is dit ook die afsluiting van ons jaar.

31 August 2011

Nuusbrief: Augustus 2011

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09 August 2011

Nuusbrief: Julie 2011

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01 August 2011

The printing of your book

By Penny Evans

Marius Smit
On the 16 July 2011 Marius Smit gave an interesting talk on the different factors to consider when deciding to print your research in book form.

He spoke about the terminology used in the printing business, for instance the difference between leaves and pages and what scoring meant.

He advised members not to use too many fonts but rather to use different sizes of the same font. Unusual fonts are best avoided. Times New Roman is a popular choice of font.

One should consider the layout, either in landscape or portrait and the size of the page. The margin must allow for final trim cuts and must take the binding method into consideration.

He brought sample books to show the different binding types. There are many ways of binding a book for example fold and saddle stitch, plastic ring binding, wire binding and interscrews.

The thickness and type of paper needs to be considered.

Colour is more than three to six times more expensive than black and white.

Photographs should be high resolution to get crisp reproduction.

The talk was inspiring and made one realize that one’s family history research should be presented in book form.
The Stephens and Campher families

John Stephens
John Stephens gave his ten minute talk about his research into the STEPHENS and CAMPHER families. John has reached a brick wall in his research into the STEPHENS family, as he is unable to find out the names of his great grandfather and mother.

John was able to find more information about the CAMPHER family. The progenitor was LOURENS CAMPHER who married ANSELA van den Kaap. Certain sources state that she was a free slave, other sources indicate that she was born in Nederland in 1665.

John’s great grandfather was CHRISTOFFEL JOHANNES CAMPHER and his great grandmother was ELIZA BETHA GERTRUIDA CAMPHER born JOUBERT. Spelling errors have occurred on the gravestones of his great grandparents.

The name Campher is also spelt Kamffer or Kamfer.

07 July 2011

New website for GSSA

By Penny Evans

There was a good turn out of West Gauteng members on 18 June 2011 at the Ontdekkerspark venue. Dirk Bloem gave a presentation on the new GSSA website that he is developing.

He stressed that the website was not only his work but gave credit to Richard Ball (eggsa webmaster) for his assistance, and Alta Griffiths and Lucas Rinken for their input.

The various branches had responded well to the questionnaire that he had sent out, asking what they wanted on the website.

He planned to have the website up and running by the beginning of July 2011. The web address is www.genza.org.za.

At this stage it will be a basic website. The following aspects will be available:

• Goals and objectives of the GSSA
• List of the NEC members
• Welcome note
• Information on GSSA and branch publications
• GSSA projects
• GSSA products
• Various links to genealogical sites
• Branches can place notices of their forthcoming events.

The website will be expanded gradually. Chairman Lucas Rinken thanked Dirk Bloem for his presentation and the wonderful work he is doing to get this new website up and running.

Hennie van Aswegen gave his ten minute talk on the origins of Ventersdorp. He was born in Ventersdorp and therefore has an interest in this town’s history. Venterdorp had its beginnings in 1859 after Johannes Hendrikus Venter placed an advertisement offering stands for sale.

25 June 2011

Newsletter: June 2011

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Wes-Gauteng-nuusbrief 2011-06

01 June 2011

It is the First Day of the Month: Back Up Your Files!

It is the first day of the month. It's time to back up your genealogy files. Then test your backups!

Actually, you can make backups at any time. However, it is easier and safer if you have a specific schedule. The first day of the month is easy to remember, so I would suggest you back up your genealogy files at least on the first of every month, if not more often.

Of course, you might want to back up more than your genealogy files. Family photographs, your checkbook register, all sorts of word processing documents, email messages, and much more need to be backed up regularly. Why not do that on the first of each month?

Next, TEST YOUR BACKUPS. More than once I have heard sad stories of, "I thought I was making regular backups to the external hard drive but, when I went to restore some files, I found the hard drive was dead. I lost everything." The exact details will vary from one out-of-luck person to another, but many have similar stories. Yet it is so easy to test your backups to make sure they are being made in the manner you think.

On the first day of the month, restore one or two small files from your backups. You don't have restore everything, just pick a few typical files. Restore them to a temporary directory (mine is called WORK) and see if you can use them.

To avoid the "dead when you need them" problem, always make at least TWO backups to two differnet types of media in two different locations. Three would be better and four would be even better.

My computer automatically makes backups every hour to an external USB hard drive plugged into the back of the computer plus it also automatically makes backups in the middle of the night to an online backup service on the Internet while I am sleeping. Having redundant backups increases the odds of having at least one good backup at the time of critical need.

How much information and how many pictures will you lose if your hard drive crashes this evening?

By the way, all hard drives WILL crash someday. The only question is "when?" Make your backups today.

Published with permission from: Eastman's Online Genealogy Newsletter. 

26 May 2011

Newsletter: May 2011

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Wes-Gauteng-nuusbrief 2011-05

23 May 2011

A visit to the Parktown Family History Centre

Report and photographs by Penny Evans

Gwyneth Thomas gives her talk.
A visit to Parktown Family History Centre on 14 May 2011 was well attended by members of the West Gauteng branch of the GSSA. Members were made to feel welcome by the directors Elder Lewin and Sister Pat Daubney, who gave of their time and expertise to assist members.

Members were able to use all the facilities to research their family history. The directors allowed our branch to use their kitchen so that we could have a break for refreshments, which were provided by Margaret Humphries and her team.
Doing research.

Christa Roberts.
Gwyneth Thomas, a branch member, gave a short but interesting talk on the resources available in the centre. Gwyneth assists at the centre when they have staff shortages.

Parktown Family History Centre is well equipped with facilities for research.

• Free use of computers and the familysearch website
• Free use of microfilm readers;
• Over 20,000 microfilms;
Elsabé Calitz.
• On line websites for other countries;
Robin Templeton.
• Church records with reference to microfilms—all denominations;
• Civil registrations for the four main provinces;
• British census records;
• South African voters rolls;
• General reference books, individual South African genealogy books, 1820 settlers and old atlases.

The LDS Church is in the process of indexing and digitizing all the church records which are available to them.

This centre is closed on Mondays. It is open from 9.30am to 2.30pm Tuesdays to Fridays. It opens 7am to 2.30pm on Saturdays.

We are very fortunate to be able to use this centre which has such a vast storehouse of records. A big thank you to the staff who welcomed and assisted us.

Click on a photoghraph to enlarge.

10 May 2011

Lucas Rinken se Toekenning van Uitnemendheid

Klik op foto om te vergroot.
Lucas Rinken
Lucas Rinken, jarelange voorsitter van die Wes-Gautengtak van die GGSA, het vroeër vanjaar die gesogte Toekenning van Uitnemendheid van die Genootskap ontvang vir sy waardevolle genealogiese bydrae, in die besonder vir sy werk aan e-SAGI.  (Klik HIER om meer daarvan te lees.)

Hieronder volg sy tipiese, beskeie Rinken-dankbetuiging wat hy in 'n e-pos aan sy vriende gestuur het:

Graag wil ek julle almal bedank vir die nominasie en die pragtige motivering daaraan verbonde.

Soos ek aan julle toe genoem het, het ek geweet dat my beskeie aandeel nie Genealoog van die Jaar verdien nie en ek is dankbaar dat hierdie spogtoekenning aan 'n meer verdienstelike paar gegee is vir die tweede uitgawe van hul prag werk oor die De Beer-familie. My hartelike gelukwensing aan Diwwie en Jaleen.

Dit was nogatans 'n eer om genomineer te gewees het en dat dit uitgeloop het op die toekenning wat wel aan my gemaak is, het my onverwags betrap. Ek het dit nooit verwag nie en dink steeds dat ek dit nie verdien nie.

Ek sien die toekenning egter as nie net vir my nie, want die bietjie wat ek gedoen het was nooit alleen nie.  Daar was altyd vele helpers wat my op hul hande gedra het en my taak ligter gemaak het. Ek kan nie name noem nie, daar is net te veel en dit sal moeilik wees om dit in enige volgorde te rangskik.

My hartelike en dankbare gelukwense dus aan julle almal asook aan baie ander wie nie hierdie e-pos sal ontvang nie.

Dis 'n eer om saam met julle te kan werk. Ek vertrou en bid dat my gesondheid dit vir my sal toelaat om nog lank saam met julle te werk en ons tak verder uit te bou.

Lucas, jy verdien dit deur en deur na soveel jare se ywer en geduld. Geluk daarmee. Die tak is dankbaar om jou in ons midde te hê. -- Die takbestuur.

    02 May 2011

    Ons lede se navorsing

    John Stephens, sekretaris van die tak, het die volgende lys gestuur van die vanne wat tak-lede navors.

    Barbara Bouwer: Van Niekerk; Pienaar; Smit; Kruger; Bouwer; Du Plessis; Van Wyk; Viljoen; Van der Merwe; Strydom
    Elsie Calitz: Calitz
    Neels Coertse: Coertse
    Louise Dick: Dick; Van der Westhuizen; Clack; Dignon; Veloen; Greyling; Greyvenstein
    Louw du Plessis: Du Plessis Dorsland Trekker; Diedericks
    Herman Esterhuizen: Esterhuizen
    Penny Evans: Gass
    Richard Ford: Bester; Ford; Marais; Meyer; Nel; Schoon; Dunaiski; Reichelt
    Don Hodgkinson: Hodgkinson
    Ruth Jobson: Jobson
    Kriek Fourie: Fourie; Van Daalen; Knoetze; Gerber; Westphall
    Margaret Humphries: Humphries; Bennett; Freshwater; Quirk; Currin; Marais; Mare; Van der Nest; Vosloo; Freemantle
    Andre Janse van Rensburg: Janse van Rensburg
    Gerard Marloth: Marloth
    Petro Meyer: Meyer
    Milford Juniper: Juniper
    Giel Nel: Nel
    Pieter Oosthuizen: Oosthuizen
    Ds. Hennie le Roux: Peiker
    Ben Leach: Leach; Du Preez; Nel; Higginson; Scholtz; Grimes; Du Plessis
    Dennis Pretorius: Pretorius; Boshoff; Nienaber; Scott; Lamprecht; Schoeman; Gerber; Mc Donald; Graaf; Herbst; Kemp; Van Niekerk; Sabdbrink; Sluiter; Buitendach
    Lucas Rinken: Rinken; Renke; Renneke ens.; De Wet; Koch; Rall; Brooks; Adendorff
    Christa Roberts: Roberts
    Bob Saunders: Saunders; Jones; Lester; Rampling; Lawson; Landman; Lester
    Graham Southey: Southey
    John Stephens: Stephens; Campher; Vermeulen; Nelson; Roberts; Wallis
    Colin Steyn: Steyn
    Robyn Templeton: Templeton
    Gwyneth Thomas: Thomas
    Ilse van Zyl: Steyn; Van Zyl
    Frans en Donna Viljoen: Marx; Grobler
    John Schwartz: Schwartz; Janse van Rensburg; Perkins; Moore; Thorndyke

    25 April 2011

    The new constitution

    By Penny Evans

    On the16 April 2011 members of the West Gauteng branch met on a cold and rainy day to listen to Richard Ford speak about the new constitution and sound branch management.

    Richard Ford
    The GSSA was established in 1964. A decision was taken at the AGM in 2010 to update the constitution. Richard Ford was asked to head this committee. The three members who assisted him were Martin Zoelner, Simon du Plooy and Neels Coertse.

    An important change made was that branch management was brought into the new constitution.

    He said that two specific articles in the new constitution are also very important. Article 8:2:3 states that notice of the AGM meetings of national council and branches should call for submission of portfolio and branch reports. This should include complete financial reports covering the previous calendar year. Nominations for the election of office bearers are to reach the national or branch secretary within ten days of the notice of the AGM .

    The national or branch secretary shall circulate the agenda of the meeting, along with the supporting documents fourteen days before the AGM. Article 8:7 deals with the recording of proceedings. The minutes shall be distributed among members of the meeting within three weeks of the meeting. To conclude he mentioned the objectives of the society which are:

    • To promote and facilitate interest in, and a general understanding of, the importance of research in genealogy and family history among members of the society, other interested people, and the general public;

    • To provide a wide range of meetings, educational courses, projects and services about genealogy and family history for the general benefit of members of the Society, and other people;

    • To encourage the observance of the highest standards of research by members of the Society, and to promote reliability, integrity and professionalism of all South African genealogists;

    • To be actively involved in the preservation of genealogical records and memorabilia and

    • To establish and maintain contact with like-minded societies throughout the world.

    13 April 2011

    Newsletter: April 2011

    The latest newsletter of the branch is published below.
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    Wes-Gauteng-nuusbrief 2011-04

    02 April 2011

    Nuwe pryse vir SAG

    Prof Christo Viljoen skryf op SA Genealogie:  Mnr Leon Endemann, Hoofnavorser van GISA, het die volgende boodskap deurgegee wat ek graag aan SAGenealogie ingeskrewenes aanstuur om te benut voordat die prysverhoging in werking tree:

    "Vanweë verhoogde drukkostes is GISA genoodsaak om die SAG (SA Genealogieë) reeks van boeke se prys te verhoog. Die verhoogde pryse tree onmiddelik in werking, maar tot 14 April 2011 sal die ou tariewe nog geldig wees, d.w.s. R400 per volume en R6 400 per stel van 18 boeke. Daarna, vanaf 15 April, sal die prys verhoog na R500 as kleinhandelprys per boek en R7 200 vir die hele stel."

    Deel 5 bestaan uit 2 volumes, dele 5a en 5b. In totaal is daar 18 boeke in die hele stel van 17 dele.

    Klik HIER om by GISA se webwerf uit te kom.

    22 March 2011

    Genootskap-toekennings, 2011

    Die Genootskap se Nasionale Uitvoerende komitee het op 12 Maart, 2011by sy algemene jaarvergadering verskeie toekennings aan sy lede gedoen. Die lys is:

    Dr Shelagh O’Brien Spencer

    Isabel Groesbeek

    Jaleen en Diwwie de Beer

    • Joan Augustyn
    • Lucas Rinken
    • Helena Garner
    • Uitstalspan (Wes-Kaap) olv Mariana Olivier, Alta Griffiths, Eugene du Toit, Lorraine Fautley, Engela v Dyk, Simoné Kay & Anita Slabbert
    • MA Venter
    • Alta Griffiths; Simoné Kay, Andre v Wyk, Annemie Lourens, Dr Dawid de Klerk, Dirk v Rooyen, Johann Claassen, Nicky Lategan, Sasa Malan; William Warrington

    • Hercules Jurgens Engela
    • Alta Griffiths
    • Ds FA Smith

    Richard Ball, John Schwartz; Peter Moss Beverley Moss Moss jr en Petro Coreejes¬ Brink; Sarel Burger; Capensis redaksionele span o.l.v. Sasa Malan; Gerhard Geldenhuis & Max White; Ben Cilliers; Gert Claassen; Gideon de Kock; Willieta de Swardt; Peter Dixon; Simon du Plooy; Engela vd Linde; Martie du Toit & JC Malan; Richard Ford, Anne Lemkuhl, Keith Meintjes, Elmarie Weyers; Marie Greyvenstein; Margaret Gundry; Johann Hanekom; Ellen Harmse; Elma Human, Ilze Krapohl, Thys & Engela Blom, Tobie vd Spuy;Helene Retief Lombard; Johan Loubser; Ockert Malan; Dennis Pretorius; Petrus Retief; Barnard Smit; Pauline Swanepoel; Simon Wessels.

    18 March 2011

    Verslag oor die Genootskap se nasionale algemene jaarvergadering, 2011

    Die Genootskap se nasionale uitvoerende komitee het op Saterdag, 12 Maart 2011, 'n suksesvolle algemene jaarvergadering in Vereeniging gehou.  Die algemene indruk was dat die "GGSA-kook".

    Daar is gepraat oor 'n nuwe grondwet, nuwe webwerf, nuwe familieregisters, nuwe CD-ettikette, nuwe gen-handleiding nuwe toevoegings tot die begraafplaasprojek en wat nog. 
    Die plek waar die vergadering gehou is, was uitstekend, die kos keurig en alles fyn georganiseerd.

    In sy jaarverslag het die President, Hendrik Louw,  die volgende aangeroer:

    • Die GGSA-handelsmerk moet uitgebou word;
    • GGSA-produkte is 'n belangrik bron van inkomste vir GGSA en help om die ledegeld binne perke te hou. Lede word aangemoedig om hulle genealogiese navorsing vir die GGSA beskikbaar te stel.
    • Die kwessie van internasionale-affiliasie is op die tafel geplaas. Inligting sal ingewin word en by die volgende NUK-vergadering bespreek word. Die vraag is gevra of GGSA die organisatoriese infrastruktuur het daarvoor.
    • 'n Uitgebreide databasis wat die landswye inligting van lede sal bevat word in vooruitsig gestel.
    • Die kwessie van takke wat finansiële hulp nodig het, kan hanteer word deur 'n motivering aan die NUK te rig. 'n Uitnodiging word gerig aan takke wat spesiale bemarkingsprojekte aanpak om aansoek te doen vir finansiële steun.


    Die tessourier, André Heydenrich, het in sy verslag aangedui dat verlede jaar 'n mooi surplus getoon het. Takke kan gerus met kreatiewe bemarkingspogings vorendag. Die surplus is grootliks danksy die verkope van produkte. Ledegeld word met R10 verhoog. Daar is ou Familia’s by André wat takke kan kry om teen 'n afslagprys te verkoop.

    ‘n Produktelys is beskikbaar by André. Kerkregisters mag nie verkoop word nie en word weggegee saam met van die ander produkte wat te koop aangebied word.

    Sestig persent van die takke (7 uit die 11) plus minstens drie lede van die NUK vorm 'n kworum vir 'n AJV-vergadering. Takke wat dit nie kan bywoon nie, kan 'n volmag stuur waardeur hulle wel as teenwoordig aangeteken sal word.

    Vise-President, Petro Corejees-Brink

    Sy het die afgelope jaar twee referate by buite-instansies gelewer waar die GGSA se werksaamhede op akademiese vlak onder die aandag gebring is. Wat betref die begraafplaasprojek, skryf sy in haar verslag: “Buite ons eie genealogiese kringe weet min mense van die Google Earth projek”. 'n Bewusmakingsaksies sal begin moet word.

    GGSA-projekte: Dennis Pretorius

    • Gedurende 2009/10 is die Braamfontein begraafplaas, voltooi,
    • Die projek om 'n nasionale indeks van die onderskeie meesterskantoor se indekse saam te stel, het nog nie gerealiseer nie, omdat die nodige samewerking van die takke se kant af ontbreek.
    • Ontsluiting van die 1984- kieserslys. Tikwerk is steeds aan die gang en vrywilligers word versoek om na vore te kom. Dis ‘n geweldig taak. Takke word versoek om in te koop en 'n letter van die alfabet te “aan te neem”.

    Webblad: Dirk Bloem

    Die ou webblad word verwyder, omdat dit ou inligting bevat. Die skakel sal egter outomaties oorskakel na die webwerf van EGGSA.

    Die nuwe een sou reeds aktief gewees het, as die takke hul inligting aan Dirk gestuur het. Takke wat binne die volgende drie maande nie hulle inligting aan hom stuur nie sal nie op GGSA se webwerf gereflekteer word nie.

    Die begrafnisbriewe van SAGen sal op GGSA se webwerf opgeneem word. GGSA-lede word versoek om begrafnisbriewe in te skandeer en aan Dirk te stuur. Die Noorwes-tak sal hulle s'n afsonderlik bemark.

    Familia: Richard Ford

    Sowat 3 000 Familia’s is dié jaar uitgestuur waarvan die meeste harde kopië is. Die totale koste vir druk en verspreiding was R75 000. Die redakteurskomitee bestaande uit Anne Lemkuhl, Keith Meintjies en Elmarie Weyers word in die verslag spesiaal bedank.

    Skakeling En Bemarking: Rentia Landman

    Radiopraatjies gelewer
    Aanmoediging van die skakelpersone van die onderskeietakke
    Hemde met GGSA logo en nuwe GGSA-plakkate in proses


    Die takverslae is met dank aanvaar. Hulle spreek van goeie ondersteuning vir hulle lede en besondere inisiatief met bemarking.

    Mosie: Noord-Transvaal

    Dit handel oor Ancestry24 wat die boeke in die tak se biblioteek wil digitaliseer en die tak vra wat moet hulle doen. Die AJV besluit dat dit nie gedoen mag word nie, maar dat die President met Ancestry 24 in gesprek tree oor die moontlikheid van 'n kontraktuele verbintenis tot voordeel van GGSA-lede.


    President - Hendrik Louw
    Vise-president - Petro Corjees-Brink
    Nasionale Sekretaris - Leoni Barnard
    Nasionale Tesourier – André Heydenrych
    Addisionele lid - Dirk Bloem (GGSA-webtuiste en tegnologie)
    Gekoöpteerde lede:
    Familia - Richard Ford
    Omnibus – Judie Meyer (Johan Pottas was nie weer beskikbaar nie)
    Skakeling & Bemarking - Rentia Landman
    Projekte - Dennis Pretorius
    • Die volgende AJV is op 16/17 Maart 2012 in Uniondale met die tema: Go Country.

    17 March 2011

    Newsletter: March 2011

    The latest newsletter of the branch is published below. 
    Please be patient while it is loading. 
    Click on "Wes-Gauteng-nuusbrief 2011-03" below to enlarge.
    Wes-Gauteng-nuusbrief 2011-03

    07 March 2011

    Verby 600 000!

    Lucas Rinken
    Verby 600 000, op pad na 700 000.

    Dit is wat aan die gebeur is met Lucas Rinken se e-SAGI, seker die mees omvattende genealogiese databasis in Suid-Afrika.

    Lucas wat ook voorsitter van die Wes-Gautengtak is, het bekendgemaak dat hy onlangs  bogenoemde syfer bereik het.  En nog is het einde niet.  Hy werk nog elke dag met dieselfde ywer om die data wat hy van oral ontvang, met sy data saam te smelt.  Dis nie 'n eenvoudige proses nie.  Hy moet seker maak dat die inligting wat hy van 'n familie ontvang, inskakel by sy bestaande inligting om sodoende koppelings tussen families te maak. Juis dit is die groot waarde van e-SAGI.  Dis nie bloot net name en datums nie.

    Lucas help iemand se familie vind.
    Te midde van Lucas se harde werk (eerder slim werk) het hy altyd 'n dankie aan almal wat hom van data voorsien.  "Ek sou dit nooit alleen kon nie," sê hy telkens as hy 'n nuwe mylpaal bereik.

    Lucas is gereeld by genealogiese uitstallings in Gauteng en omliggende gebiede. Dan word hy oorval met navrae -- meestal met goeie gevolg.

    Klik HIER vir meer inligting oor e-SAGI en hoe om dit te bestel.

    04 March 2011

    The world's biggest family: The man with 39 wives, 94 children and 33 grandchildren

    Ziona Chana lives with all of them in a 100-room mansion;
    His wives take it in turns to share his bed;
    It takes 30 whole chickens just to make dinner.

    Click on any picture to enlarge it.

      He is head of the world's biggest family - and says he is 'blessed' to have his 39 wives.

      Ziona Chana also has 94 children, 14-daughters-in-law and 33 grandchildren.

      They live in a 100-room, four storey house set amidst the hills of Baktwang village in the Indian state of Mizoram, where the wives sleep in giant communal dormitories.

      With 100 rooms the Ziona mansion is the biggest concrete structure in the hilly village of Baktawng You treat this place like a hotel. With 100 rooms the Ziona mansion is the biggest concrete structure in the hilly village of Baktwang.  Mr Chana said: 'Today I feel like God's special child. He's given me so many people to look after.

      'I consider myself a lucky man to be the husband of 39 women and head of the world's largest family.'

      The family is organised with almost military discipline, with the oldest wife Zathiangi organising her fellow partners to perform household chores such as cleaning, washing and preparing meals. One evening meal can see them pluck 30 chickens, peel 132 pounds of potatoes and boil up to 220 pounds of rice.

      Coincidentally, Mr Chana is also head of a sect that allows members to take as many wives as he wants.

      The senior ladies of the Chana family
      He even married ten women in one year, when he was at his most prolific, and enjoys his own double bed while his wives have to make do with communal dormitories.

      He keeps the youngest women near to his bedroom with the older members of the family sleeping further away - and there is a rotation system for who visits Mr Chana's bedroom.

      Rinkmini, one of Mr Chana's wives who is 35 years old, said: 'We stay around him as he is the most important person in the house. He is the most handsome person in the village. She says Mr Chana noticed her on a morning walk in the village 18 years ago and wrote her a letter asking for her hand in marriage.

      And Mr Chana, whose religious sect has 400 members, says he has not stopped looking for new wives. 'To expand my sect, I am willing to go even to the U.S. to marry,' he said.

      One of his sons insisted that Mr Chana, whose grandfather also had many wives, marries the poor women from the village so he can look after them.

      01 March 2011

      Jaarprogram, 2011

      2 – 6 Maart10.00 – 18.00Hobby-X in die Dome, RandburgOns hanteer 'n stalletjie namens die GGSA.
      19 Maart14:00Ned. Geref. Kerk Ontdekkerskruin Ds. Kobus van Tonder: "Die Dorslandtrek"
      16 April:14:00Ned. Geref. Kerk OntdekkerskruinDirk Bloem: "Die Nuwe Webwerf van die GGSA".
      14 Mei:09.00 - 14.30LDS-kerk, ParktownEie navorsing onder leiding van gesoute navorsingslede.
      18 Junie:14:00Ned. Geref. Kerk OntdekkerskruinRichard Ford: "Die Nuwe Hersiene Grondwet van die GGSA" en hoe dit ons raak.
      16 Julie: 14:00Ned. Geref. Kerk Ontdekkerskruin Marius Smit: 'n Drukker vertel hoe om jou publikasie mooi te maak en wat die pryse is.
      20 Augustus:14:00Ned. Geref. Kerk OntdekkerskruinBesonderhede sal mettertyd bekend gemaak word.
      3 September:Van 09.00PretoriaOns beman 'n stalletjie by die Genealogie- en Familie-erfenisfees gereëk deur Isabel Groesbeek.
      17 September:Van 09.00 Panorama-begraafplaasGiel Nel en taklede: optekening van die grafte
      15 Oktober: 14:00Ned. Geref. Kerk Ontdekkerskruin Ons wag voorstelle in van lede vir hierdie byeenkoms.
      19 November:14:00Ned. Geref. Kerk OntdekkerskruinAfsluitingsgeleentheid.

      28 February 2011

      Branch Committee, 2011

      By Penny Evans

      The branch held their AGM on 19 February 2011. The new committee is as follows:

      ChairmanLucas Rinken
      Vice-ChairmanBob Saunders
      Recording SecretaryJohn Stephens
      Membership SecretaryGerard Marloth
      TreasurerDennis Pretorius
      Assistant TreasurerBarbara Bouwer
      Events SecretaryMargaret Humphries
      LibrarianGraham Southey
      Librarian AssistantLouise Dick
      Editor, NewsletterNeels Coertse
      Publicity and Blog LiaisonPenny Evans
      Cemetery RecordingGiel Nel
      Product SalesKriek Fourie

      Lucas Rinken thanked the committee for their hard work and commitment. He welcomed Bob Saunders and thanked him for being prepared to serve on the committee.

      After the AGM Jack Holloway (right), son of Dr JE Holloway, and a long standing friend of Graham Southey spoke about the Anti-convict Movement of 1849. During that year the British intended to establish a penal colony at the Cape as was the case in Australia and Tasmania.

      The colonists of the Cape stood together when they heard about this. Jack Holloway’s great grandfather, George Holloway signed the anti convict petition. In this petition they declared that they would have nothing to do with the government and would not sell produce to the ship, The Neptune, on which the convicts were held.

      The ship lay at anchor for months and the convicts might have perished had it not been for a few who were loyal to the British government. One of them was Captain Robert Stanford. He owned a large farm, Kleine Rivers, and he was able to send produce to the convict ship.

      His actions were regarded as treason by the colonists and he was ostracized.

      Captain Stanford’s child became ill and died on the way to Cape Town. Stanford approached George Holloway, who owned the Coaching Inn in Kuilsrivier for a room where the child could be laid out. George Holloway agreed but knew that this would cause trouble if he assisted Stanford.

      He was boycotted, became bankrupt and lost everything. In 1854 George Holloway sent a petition to the British government asking for compensation. This petition is now in Stanford House.

      Edward Robert Stanford, a grandson of Captain Robert Stanford, married Daisy Wayland who was a distant relative of Graham Southey.

      07 February 2011

      Cemetery Recording Outing on 5 February 2011

      Report and photographs by Penny Evans

      Members of the West Gauteng branch met at the Danie Theron Church which is situated in a semi-rural area to the south of Johannesburg. By 09:30 am we were ready to go to the Eye of Africa, a golfing estate in the Alewynspoort area.

      This estate is situated in an area that was previously a farm which had belonged to Mr and Mrs Tanning. Situated within the estate is an old family cemetery which is enclosed by a stone wall.

      Many of the graves did not have a headstone. Some of the headstones had been so badly weathered that the inscription had been completely eroded. Other headstones were in good condition and the group readily set to work taking photographs and recording the information.

      Members of the following families have been buried here: Mulder, White, Van der Merwe, Van Zyl, Smit, Meyer, Van derWalt, Snijman, Smith, Labuschagne, Booysen, Roos and Reyneke.

      It is difficult to know when the first family members were buried here. From an existing headstone one sees that a Mr Viljoen passed away in 1898. Most family members were buried from the 1920's to the 1960's, although a few were buried in the 1980's. There is a recent grave dating to November 2010. Fresh flowers had been placed on this grave.

      The weather was ideal, the surroundings beautiful and peaceful. By late morning we were ready to enjoy our picnic at a nearby spot under shady pine trees. Lush green grass grew under these trees.

      In the vicinity were two buildings from a previous era — a dilapidated farm silo and a small farm school which was being renovated. At 12:30 pm we reluctantly left.

      The following members attended: John and Iris Stephens, Lucas Rinken, Barbara Bouwer, Pieter Oosthuizen, Gerard Marloth, Robyn Templeton, Bob Saunders, Christa Roberts, Margaret Humphries, Penny Evans, Irene Strydom of Tedderfield and Di Kruger of the Dumblade Conservancy.

      A big thank you to John and Iris Stephens for the arrangements and refreshments. We look forward to the next outing in this area.

      23 January 2011

      Successful genealogy day at the Roodepoort Museum

      By Penny Evans

      On 22 January 2011 the West Gauteng Branch, in conjunction with the Roodepoort Museum, held a successful Genealogy Day in the foyer of the Promusica Theatre.

      Guides took small groups of visitors on a tour of the museum which had exhibits and photographs of the early days of gold mining in the vicinity of Roodepoort. The museum has a section converted into an mid 1800's Highveld farmhouse, the kitchen, lounge and bedrooms furnished according to the style of the day. In addition various rooms depict the decor of the Victorian era and even that of the 1920's and 1930's. A wonderful worthwhile visit.

      Above:  Ann Smart, curator: Roodepoort Museum

      Exhibitors arrived early to set up their tables. Although the day got off to a slow start, by mid morning many visitors had arrived. The exhibitors were kept busy answering questions, giving advice and handing out information sheets. Visitors eagerly waited while the databases were checked for any infomation on their ancestors. Some delighted visitors were inspired to join our branch. Members had the chance to socialize over a cup of coffee.

      We would like to thank the following branches for their support:
      Johannesburg branch;
      Northern Transvaal branch representing the Barkhuizen and Diedericks families;
      Isabel Groesbeek (right above), a knowledgeable and experienced researcher;
      Anne Smart, curator of the Roodepoort Museum and her staff;
      Neels Coertse (left) for being available to take photographs of the family history information in Bibles;
      Lucas Rinken for spending many exhausting hours searching his database;
      Barbara Bouwer for sellind the CD's and enrolling members;
      The members who helped set up tables and
      The staff of the Civic Theatre.

      Right:  Members paging through some of the genealogy books.

      The planning and hard work of the committee made this a successful day. A very special thanks to John Stephens for his input and for supporting us on the day, despite his illness.