Vergaderings van die tak word elke derde Saterdag van die maand om 14h00 gehou by die Nederduits Gereformeerde Kerk Ontdekkerskruin, Philipslaan, Ontdekkers, Roodepoort.
hierbo vir besonderhede.

26 February 2012

Bob Saunders, new chairman

Penny Evans
Bob Saunders, new chairman.
The West Gauteng branch of the GSSA met on 18 February 2012 at the Dutch Reformed Church, Ontdekkerskruin, Discovery. The AGM was well attended by members.

Lucas Rinken read his chairman’s report and a new committee for 2012 was elected.

Bob Saunders takes over as chairman and
Petro Meyer as minutes secretary.

Bob Saunders thanked Lucas Rinken and John Stephens for their outstanding service to the society. He also thanked the committee that served in 2011.

Dennis Pretorius spoke about the new website of the Genealogical Society of SA (www.genza.co.za)

Petro Meyer, minutes secretary.
Using the projector and a connection to the internet, he showed members what could be seen on this site. The website consists of an introduction and welcome, details of the National Executive Council, a list of all the branches showing a diary of events, projects and details of the Cape Masters Office.

Dennis then discussed the Funeral Programs project. The collection of Funeral Programs was originally started in 2005 by SAGen.

The obituary funeral program is important as it contains information that can be used for genealogical and historical purposes. Funeral programs are not published within one year of the date of death. These notices have been indexed and arranged in alphabetical order.

The project co-ordinator is Hobbie Stoffberg (bbggsa@gmail.com). Members are asked to bring these funeral programs to meetings so that they can be scanned and forwarded to Stoffberg.

22 February 2012

Chairman's Report, 2011

Chairman Lucas Rinken delivered his chairman's report 
for the year January to December 2011 
at the branch's AGM on 18 February 2012

Lucas Rinken delivers his last chairman's report.
All in all we have had a reasonably good year.

In 2011 we celebrated the 10th year of the existence of our branch. Compared to other Branches, we are still very young, despite which, we can be proud of what we have achieved.

We still have one elected NEC member with another who was previously elected, but now serves as a co-opted member. Also co-opted from our branch is the National Editor of our quarterly magazine, Familia. André, Dennis and Richard, we are proud of you.

We have a good and growing branch library with excellent equipment available for the use of members. We have served the general public well during annual exhibitions at Hobby-X, the Genealogy and Heritage day in Pretoria and at the Museum in Roodepoort. We also exhibited in Potchefstroom and at the Vaal River.

We provide and, worldwide, sell our e-SAGI database containing over 610,000 names.

Wonderful work has been done by Neels Coertze in photographing genealogical information from inscriptions in old Bibles. We offered a free service at the Roodepoort Museum day but the main focus was on the old Bibles made available to us at Museum Africa and the Johannesburg Civic Library. Neels was ably assisted by Giel Nel and Grahame Southey. Our sincere thanks to them.

We have again this year presented a Beginner’s Course in Genealogy. This was well received with positive feedback and should be repeated later in the year. The possibility of presenting an advanced course is again being investigated.

Our members, mainly Dennis Pretorius, have played leading roles in capturing data such as the Braamfontein Cemetery records and the 1984 Cencus lists. Dennis is also the owner of the Afrikaans Genealogical email list, SAGen which is so well supported and has become an invaluable tool in acquiring genealogical assistance.

We have our own branch Blog so ably provided by ex branch committee member Japie Bosch, now located at the coast.

We have a monthly branch newsletter AND Neels Coertze has collected same from over the past 10 years and published this in a magnificent book also available on CD. We have also published three other collections in CD format. Furthermore, John Stephens collected and published all the Branch Minutes of the last 10 years. Richard Ford put together a booklet containing details of present and past members. This was made available also in CD format.

However small your personal contribution may have been, are you not proud of these achievements?

The year was, however, difficult due to the health problems experienced by myself and our excellent secretary, John Stephens. Other members also experiencing health problems include Ruth Jobson, Ds. Hennie Le Roux, Barbara Bouwer, Louise Dick, Bob Saunders and Herman Esterhuizen. May the year ahead bring better health to all.
Management: At the Annual General Meeting held on 20 March 2010, the following branch committee was elected:

ChairmanLucas Rinken
Vice-Chairman and Recording SecretaryJohn Stephens
Vice-Chairman and Membership Secretary Gerard Marloth
Treasurer Dennis Pretorius
Assistant Treasurer Barbara Bouwer
Events Secretary Margaret Humphries
Librarian Graham Southey
Assistant Librarian Louise Dick
Editor Newsletter Neels Coertse
Publicity and Blog Liaison Penny Evans
Cemetery Recording Project Giel Nel
Product Sales Kriek Fourie

After 6 years as chairman, and in the light of my health problems, I feel that it is time to hand over these duties to a younger person who will, no doubt, pick up the reins and drive the branch to new heights. It has been a pleasure and privilege to be involved at this level in both branch affairs and having sitting at NEC meetings and National AGM’s. I retain many fond memories and have made good friends with so many fine genealogists. I regard myself as having been extremely fortunate to have had these opportunities.

Oor die jare was ek voorsitter of het gedien op baie komitees. Nêrens het ek ooit ‘n beter sekretaris gevind as John Stephens nie! Soos reeds genoem, het John ook gesondheidsprobleme ondervind en moes verskeie groot operasies ondergaan. Met getroue Iris aan sy sy, het hy egter nooit enigsins nie sy verantwoordelikhede stiptelik en korek nagekom nie. Onder sulke moeilike omstandighede, was dit nie maklik nie en hy verdien ‘n word van groot lof, waardering en dank.

Dit is dan ook verstaanbaar dat John nie verder in hierdie pos beskikbaar sal wees nie. Die nuwe sekretaris sal dit beslis moeilik vind om hierdie groot skoene vol te staan.

Van my persoonlik, en van die tak, John, ‘n BAIE GROOT DANKIE vir wat jy vir ons beteken het. Ons gun jou ‘n ruskans en bid jou steeds beterwordende gesondheid toe.

Membership: We seem to have no difficulty in obtaining new members but retaining same has been a problem for many years. Despite renewal reminders having been sent out, many members simply neglect to renew membership thus, even with 17 new members, our membership slumped from 67 in 2010 to 58 at the end of 2011!

As our membership secretary states: Processes have been put in place to follow-up and determine the reasons for this and to understand how the branch can better meet the needs of new and old members. Our thanks to Gerard for all the work he has done in this regard.

Also disappointing is the response to invitations sent to people who have signed our visitors book at Hobby-X.

Meetings: 10 Branch meetings were held, attended in total by 228 members and 27 guests - an average per meeting of 25 members and guests. This against an average of 29 for the previous year. It is pleasing to note that 22 members attended at least 50% of meetings.

 In January, the branch meeting, as already mentioned, took the form of an exhibition, at the Roodepoort Museum. Our Branch AGM was livened up by a talk by Mr. Jack Holloway. Two meetings were visits to cemeteries where the gravestone inscriptions were recorded or photographed. The first was on the 5th February at the “Eye of Africa” at Alewynspoort and the second on the 17th September was at the Panorama Cemetery.

In May, the Branch visited the LDS Family History Centre in Parktown where members were shown the ropes by the more experienced members. In October we hosted a workshop where members were divided into groups to discuss problems with group leaders endeavoring to give assistance.

Verder het Ds. Kobus van Tonder ons vertel van die wedervarings van die Dorslandtrekkers, Richard Ford het die nuwe GGSA Grondwet bespreek terwyl NUK lid, Dirk Bloem, die nuwe GGSA Webwerf aan ons voorgestel het. Marius Smit het sy kennis van die drukkuns met ons gedeel.

Dit is verblydend dat sy dienste later deur Neels gebruik is vir die druk van die 10 Jaar Nuusbrief uitgawe en dat hy besonder behulsaam was aan Bob Saunders met die druk van die Begrafnisbrief vir sy moeder se begrafnis.

Dan het Johan Barkhuizen met ons gesels oor “Genealogie geïntegreerd met Geskiedenis en Navorsingsmetodologie op Skool”

Over and above main speakers, branch members Hennie and Marie van Aswegen, Petro Meyer and John Stephens gave short discussions on their own fields of research.

Laastens, was ons November vergadering weer ‘n afsluitingsgeleentheid “Bring en Braai”. Dit was ook die viering van ons 10 jaar bestaan. Neels het by die geleentheid die 10 Jaar Nuusbriefuitgawe as” geskenk” aan die tak oorhandag terwyl verdienstelikheid sertifikate aan lede oorhandig is. Hierna is die spesiale verjaarsdagkoek wat deur Minnie Pretorius gebak en versorg is gesny en deur almal geniet!

Obtaining speakers for our meetings is not easy – but John Stephens excelled as per usual and handled this onerous task and the organization involved, with aplomb. Once again, our thanks to this stalwart!

Sewe komiteevergaderings is gehou en gemiddeld was 10 uit die 13 lede teenwoordig. Samewerking was, soos in die verlede, uitstekend.

Once again, we manned a stall at the Genealogical Day in Pretoria organized by GSSA stalwart Isabel Groesbeek. This very successful event again allowed us to sell our e-SAGI DVD’s and we again used the proceeds to purchase further books for our library.

  •  Newsletters: 
 Neels Coertse continued the good work with monthly newsletters conveying information about our branch meetings and welcoming new members joining. Articles by members continue to be included and have been most interesting. Again our thanks to Neels and also to Gerard who handles the actual distribution of same to our members and other branches.
  •   Branch Blog 
 As often previously mentioned, Japie Bosch started the blog on his own initiative a few years ago and it was quickly accepted by our committee as the main “voice” of the branch. Despite moving to the coast, he has continued to provide this service and we, once again, owe him a debt of great gratitude for his excellent work.

Penny Evans continues to feed Japie with photographs and reports making the blog much more interesting also with the inclusion of our branch newsletter and invitations to our monthly meetings.
  •  HobbyX
Once again, the branch managed the stand on behalf of the National Executive. This year was not as good as last year. Turnover was R 6280 as opposed to R 9050 with only 4 new members enrolled as opposed to 18. We sold 28 e-SAGI DVD’s as opposed to 33 with sales of a further 10 GSSA CD’s..

The stand drew much attention mainly as a result of our again using a projector to show genealogical data on a large screen as opposed to just computer screens used in the past. Many queries were handled data obtained from visitors amazed to find family members in our database and gladly adding further generations.

And again Bob Saunders did most of the work in setting up and dismantling the stand. His contribution greatly contributed to the success of the stand and he needs to be especially thanked. Kriek’s assistance in dismantling was again greatly appreciated. A word of thanks also to all branch members who assisted and to members who visited from far afield.
  •  CD/DVD’s 
Our e-SAGI database continued to expand, showing over 610,000 individuals at year end. Once again sales of same was the major source of revenue for the branch allowing us to buy further items for our library including a new computer and printer/scanner. The assistance of Bob Saunders and Gerard Marloth in this regard was invaluable.

Bob also provided a new external hard drive and installed our collection of CD/DVD’s on to same where this wealth of genealogical data can be accessed by members. It is a shame that not enough members avail themselves of the opportunity. We always have a committee meeting at 12 noon before our monthly meetings so come early and go down to the library and make use of what is available.

Ons moet ongelukkig meld dat ons taklede, met enkele uitsonderings, nie baie behulpsaam was met die “Olifant Opeëet”-projek nie, die invoer van name uit sensuslyste. Meer hulp word dringend benodig. Gesels aseblief met Dennis Pretorius, die Nasionale GGSA projek kordineerder.
  •  Training 
 As already mentioned, we again presented a course. My personal thanks to stalwarts Dennis Pretorius and Richard Ford who were excellent presenters again and also handled the part usually my responsibility. Due to my illness, I was just not up to doing my bit!
  •  Venue
Our branch is still happily using the Church complex of the N.G. Congregation of Ontdekkers Park. We again thank the “Kerkraad” for making these facilities available to us and to Moira Kennedy, our contact lady in the Church office for her helpful assistance.
  •  Library 
Our library is still steadily growing by donations from members and purchases of selected items.

Most books have been numbered and inserts recording donations affixed. The recorded lists are available on application.
  •  Branch celebrates one decade
Our branch was formed on the 10th February, 2001! As already mentioned, this was celebrated during our year-end function and the three envisaged projects completed. Branch Committee

Last year I wrote: “I write this every year but the truth will out! I cannot but, once again acknowledge the loyal support and assistance of all Committee Members. Their contribution in Branch Management Meetings and in performing allocated duties has always far exceeded expectations. My sincere thanks to one and all.”

This year, even greater thanks are due. My illness placed great strain on all committee members particularly, Bob, John and Dennis. But they rose to the occasion and kept the ship on course despite their own personal problems/commitments.

I have no hesitation in personally proposing Bob Saunders for the position of Branch Chairman. I am proud that I brought him into the fold a few years ago knowing, even then, that he would be a better chairman than I could ever be and that he was at the right age to bring younger and more vigorous leadership to the branch.

Without John Stephens, the committee will be the weaker. I know that other members would also like to be rested feeling that they have other commitments and have done their share. But losing two top members will require new members joining and continuity IS important. I consequently urge these members to PLEASE reconsider and to stick it out for another year!

In closing, may I wish the Branch and indeed the entire society, everything of the very best for the year ahead and far into the distant future. I reiterate that I regard the opportunity I have had to serve as your chairman as a highlight in my life.

I had the daunting task of following in the footsteps of giants, not only in the branch and the society as a whole but in the National genealogical scene. Dennis and Richard, you were a hard act to follow but you were always available with assistance and advice and I knew I could always rely on you. Thank you for being there for me.

 To all who have served in the committee with me and so ably assisted in your various fields, my sincere thanks. You made my task easy with your co-operation, indulgence and forgiveness of an old man’s failings.

To every individual member, past and present, my thanks for your support and particularly your thoughts and prayers during my illness.

21 February 2012

AGM, 2012 Minutes

Minutes of the Annual General Meeting of the West Gauteng Branch held on 18 February 2012 commencing at 14.00 at the Ned. Geref. Kerk Ontdekkerskruin, 17 Philips Avenue, Discovery

Members: Lucas Rinken (Chairman); Dennis Pretorius; Gerard Marloth; Graham Southey; Bob Saunders; Giel Nel; Penny Evans; Petrus van der Merwe; Kriek Fourie; Louise Dick; Richard Ford; Gwenyth Thomas; Elizabeth Lawrence; Petro Meyer; Robyn Templeton; Margaret Humphries; Christa Roberts; Herman Esterhuizen; Ds. Hennie le Roux; Frans and Donna Viljoen; Richard Wolfaardt; Elmarie Pieterse; Elsabé Calitz; John and Iris Stephens (total: 26).
Visitors: Wilna du Preez; Alta Cloete; Anton and Marietjie Potgieter; André and Ansie Steenekamp; Maggie Bailie; Lynette Swanepoel; Hennie and Salomé Oosthuizen; Gawie van Dyk (total: 11)

1. Opening by Chairman: The Chairman welcomed everybody especially the visitors.
2. Confirmation of quorum: More than the required number of members were present.
3. Apologies: Colin Steyn; Louw du Plessis; Ben Leach, who sent his best wishes; Neels Coertse; Ruth Jobson, who is very ill; Barbara Bouwer; Hennie and Marie van Aswegen.
4. Afkondigings:
4.1 Verjaardae: 19 Feb. – John Schwartz; 29 Feb. – Alan Buff; 10 Maart – Ina Calitz; 11 Maart – Gerard Marloth; 14 Maart – Elsabé Calitz; 15 Maart – Lindsey Goslin; 17 Maart – Milford Juniper
4.2 Hobby-X: 29 Feb – 4 Maart: Lucas sal weer die leiding daar neem maar verneem van helpers vir die gereedmaak en elke dag se bemanning van die stalletjie.’n Lys sirkuleer waarop aangedui kan word wie en wanneer jy kan kom help.
4.3 NUK-vergadering: 17 - 18 Maart: Bob en Lucas verteenwoordig ons tak daar.
4.4 Volgende vergadering: Neem asseblief kennis dat die vergadering verskuif is van 17 na die 24 Maart: Christoff Erasmus praat oor “Genetiese voorouer bepaling van die Afrikaner populasie in Suid-Afrika: Verband tussen stambome en genetiese inligting.”
4.5 21 April 2012: Alan Jeffrey of the Brenthurst Library will talk on the preservation/conservation of old documents, photographs, pictures, etc. Members should bring in examples of the items they have, it makes it much easier for everybody if there are things to look at and discuss. Alan does not have a standard ‘lecture’ on conservation/preservation. It would help if there was a variety – old books, albums, framed pictures, photographs etc.
4.6 Vandag: Ons Tak se Algemene Jaarvergadering. Ons nuwe komitee word gekies
4.7 Ledegeld van R200 (posafgelewerde Familia) of R150 (elektroniese Familia) is nou betaalbaar.
4.8 Voorstelle (Suggestion Box) – Beskikbaar elke vergadering.
4.9 Dennis Pretorius praat vandag oor die Begrafnisbriefieprojek van die e-GGSA en lede kan hul briefies inskandeer na die vergadering.
5. Adoption of minutes of 2011 AGM: Bob Saunders proposed and seconded by Elsabé Calitz and Kriek Fourie that the minutes be adopted.
5.1 Matters arising from these minutes: None
6. Annual Reports:
6.1 Chairman: The Chairman read his report and it was approved, with thanks.. (Report attached as addendum)
6.2 Treasurer: Dennis Pretorius projected the annual financial statements onto the screen and answered questions. The report was approved, with thanks.
6.3 Committee Members reports: As these had all been circulated to members, the reports were all approved, with thanks to these members. Vice-chairman; Secretary (Minutes); Secretary (Membership); Secretary (Events); Editor News Letter; Publicity and Blog Coördinator; Coördinator Cemetery Project; Coördinator Product Sales; Librarian; Assistant Treasurer.
7. Motions: None were received.
8. Election of Committee Members: The proposals of the committee were accepted:
8.1 Chairman - Bob Saunders
8.2 Vice-chairman – Colin Steyn
8.3 Treasurer – Dennis Pretorius
8.4 Secretary (Minutes) – No proposal from the committee. After lengthy discussion the post was accepted by Petro Meyer who originally agreed to fill Margaret Humphries post. The meeting decided to downgrade the secretary post to only minute taking and to combine it with that of the Secretary Events and to have Petro fill this position.
8.5 Secretary (Membership) – Gerard Marloth
8.6 Secretary (Events) – Post combined with the secretary post, Margaret will assist.
8.7 Editor News Letter – Neels Coertse
8.8 Publicity and Blog Coördinator – Penny Evans
8.9 Coördinator Cemetery Project – Giel Nel
8.10 Coördinator Product Sales – Kriek Fourie
8.11 Librarian – Graham Southey
8.12 Assistant Librarian – Louise Dick
8.13 Assistant Treasurer – Lucas Rinken
9. Other Business:
9.1 Verspreiding van Famnea: Die nuwe komitee moet hieraan aandag gee.
9.2 Uitstappies: Die nuwe komitee sal dit oorweeg om weer na Potchefstroom se Museum te gaan.
9.3 Dankwoord: Bob Saunders, die nuwe voorsitter, bedank Lucas vir die afgelope ses jaar wat hy voorsitter van die Tak was. Ook John word bedank aangesien hy ook uittree.
9.4 Werkswinkel oor e-SAGI/Legacy: Besluit dat daar op 25 Februarie 2012 van 14.00 – 17.00 by Lucas aan huis, ‘n opleidingswerkswinkel in e-SAGI/ Legacy aangebied sal word, onder leiding van Lucas. Die eerste ses persone wat dit sal bywoon is: Elizabeth Lawrence; Christa Roberts; Lynette Swanepoel; Maggie Bailie; Alta Cloete en Elsabé Calitz. Hulle word gevra om hul rekenaars saam te bring.
10. Die e-GGSA se Begrafnisbriefieprojek: Dennis Pretorius bied, met behulp van die rekenaar en projektor, ‘n baie interessante lesing hieroor aan. Lede is gevra om hul begrafnisbriefies vandag saam te bring sodat dit na die vergadering ingeskandeer en aan Hobbie Stoffberg, die Projekleier, gestuur kan word. Bob is bereid om as daar ‘n groot aantal hiervan is, dit in die loop van die week in te skandeer.
11. Next AGM, 2013: 16 February 2013
12. Adjourn for Refreshments: The meeting adjourned at 15:30.

08 February 2012

Annual General Meeting, 18 February 2012 at 14:00

Neem asseblief kennis dat die Tak se Algemene Jaarvergadering om 14.00 op 18 Februarie 2012 in die Ned. Geref. Kerk Ontdekkerskruin, Philipslaan 17, Ontdekkers, Roodepoortgehou word. U word vriendelik versoek om dit by te woon sodat daar die nodige aandag aan die sakelys gegee kan word. 

Please note that the Annual General Meeting of our Branch will take place at 14.00 on 18 February 2012 in the Ned. Geref. Kerk Ontdekkerskruin, 17 Philips Avenue, Discovery Roodepoort. You are kindly requested to attend in order to pay the required attention to the agenda. 

ON 18 FEBRUARY 2012 AT 14.00 

1. Opening by Chairman 
2. Confirmation of quorum 
3. Attendance register and apologies
4. Confirmation of agenda 
5. Minutes of 2011 AGM 
5.1 Approval
5.2 Matters arising from these minutes
6. Annual Reports:
6.1 Chairman
6.2 Treasurer
6.3 Vice-chairman
6.4 Secretary (Minutes)
6.5 Secretary (Membership)
6.6 Secretary (Events)
6.7 Editor News Letter
6.8 Publicity and Blog Coördinator
6.9 Coördinator Cemetery Project
6.10 Coördinator Product Sales
6.11 Librarian
7. Motions (None received) 
8. Election of Committee Members: 
8.1 Chairman
8.2 Vice chairman
8.3 Treasurer
8.4 Secretary (Minutes)
8.5 Secretary (Membership)
8.6 Secretary (Events)
8.7 Editor News Letter
8.8 Publicity and Blog Coördinator
8.9 Coördinator Cemetery Project
8.10 Coördinator Product Sales
8.11 Librarian
8.12 Assistant Librarian
8.13 Assistant Treasurer
9. Other Business 
10. Next AGM 2013: 16 February 2013 
11. Adjourn for Refreshments

07 February 2012


Behalwe dat die Tak se Algemene Jaarvergadering op 18 Februarie 2012 om 14.00 gehou word, sal Dennis Pretorius ‘n aanbieding doen oor die Begrafnisbrief-projek waarvan Hobbie Stoffberg die projekleier is.

Lede word gevra om asseblief alle begrafnisbriefies in hulle besit saam te bring sodat dit ingeskandeer/gefotografeer kan word. Hierdie briefies sal dan uiteindelik op die e-GGSA se webblad geplaas word waar dit vir alle genealoë toeganklik sal wees.