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01 August 2011

The printing of your book

By Penny Evans

Marius Smit
On the 16 July 2011 Marius Smit gave an interesting talk on the different factors to consider when deciding to print your research in book form.

He spoke about the terminology used in the printing business, for instance the difference between leaves and pages and what scoring meant.

He advised members not to use too many fonts but rather to use different sizes of the same font. Unusual fonts are best avoided. Times New Roman is a popular choice of font.

One should consider the layout, either in landscape or portrait and the size of the page. The margin must allow for final trim cuts and must take the binding method into consideration.

He brought sample books to show the different binding types. There are many ways of binding a book for example fold and saddle stitch, plastic ring binding, wire binding and interscrews.

The thickness and type of paper needs to be considered.

Colour is more than three to six times more expensive than black and white.

Photographs should be high resolution to get crisp reproduction.

The talk was inspiring and made one realize that one’s family history research should be presented in book form.
The Stephens and Campher families

John Stephens
John Stephens gave his ten minute talk about his research into the STEPHENS and CAMPHER families. John has reached a brick wall in his research into the STEPHENS family, as he is unable to find out the names of his great grandfather and mother.

John was able to find more information about the CAMPHER family. The progenitor was LOURENS CAMPHER who married ANSELA van den Kaap. Certain sources state that she was a free slave, other sources indicate that she was born in Nederland in 1665.

John’s great grandfather was CHRISTOFFEL JOHANNES CAMPHER and his great grandmother was ELIZA BETHA GERTRUIDA CAMPHER born JOUBERT. Spelling errors have occurred on the gravestones of his great grandparents.

The name Campher is also spelt Kamffer or Kamfer.