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01 October 2011

Preserving Your Family History Records Digitally

Nearly a year ago, I published an article about Gary Wright's definitive whitepaper on preserving your family history records digitally, writes Dick Eastman in his online newsletter.

Gary is an employee of FamilySearch. In his paper, he explained the many issues involved with digital archiving, including the pitfalls of digital storage of priceless paperwork and of old family photographs that have been digitized.

As he explains, if done right, digital archives will last for decades. If done wrong, they may not last three years. 

Gary has now updated his white paper. Changes in the new version include:
  1. Recommendations about using flash drives and cloud backup to preserve family history records 
  2. Important and exciting news about a new industry partnership that has the potential to create a new de facto standard for archiving storage media
  3. Removal of the internet service offering for personal archiving since its launch has been delayed 
 You can read this important analysis HERE