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21 March 2010

Hobby-X, 2010: a lot of thank you's

By Lucas Rinken, Chairman

This year's show was a GREAT SUCCESS! Possibly the best we have ever had in the years I have been involved.

The big difference was that our branch bought a computer projector and used same to good effect. Whereas in previous years, we sat at the back of the stand with my computer and our database and people had to queue around us there, often filling the store and with a limited number of people being able to see the display, this year the computer was in the front of the stall projected onto a large screen at the back of the stand where everybody INCLUDING passers-by could see and get interested.

And we were swamped! On Saturday afternoon it took me two and a half hours to drink a cold drink. I was that busy!

Last year, cash takings from 7 new members enrolled, one renewal and 7 CD's sold and a donation of R 100.00 received, amounted to R1 760.

This year we enrolled 22 new members including 2 for the Johannesburg Branch and 1 for Northern Transvaal. We again had 1 renewal, BUT we sold:
33 e-SAGI DVD's
2 van WYK CD's
5 Kruger CD's
1 Killian Book
1 Indian Immigration CD
1 Estate Notice CD

Total cash taken was R9 060!

Much interest was raised and I am still answering queries received from visitors. Many friends from previous years looked in again and some even brought files to update data given to us. I wish I had photographs of people literally standing in open mouthed astonishment when seeing details of their families displayed from our database. Numerous corrections and additions were made on the spot. The seeds of interest in genealogy were well and truly sowed!

It was a pleasure to welcome Isabel Groesbeek and her husband to the stall and to see Isabel joining in and assisting with answering the many questions asked.

Sincere gratitude for assistance is due in no particular order to:

Bob Saunders, designer of the stand and the main man who supplied the furniture, carted same to the show, and set up the stall. Despite out of town family engagements, he returned on Sunday to assist in breaking down the stall and carting everything home again. He was assisted by his nephew. We owe them a VERY big THANK YOU!

My son Jann, for arranging the printing of branch pamphlets we could distribute. When these ran out, Gerard Marloth filled the breach and printed more.

André Heydenreich for visiting the stand early on the Thursday morning to bring us supplies to display and sell.

Gerard Marloth, Barbara Bouwer, Louise Dick, John and Iris Stephens, Ruth Jobson, Graham Southey, Margaret Humphries, Kriek Fourie, Penny Evans and Dennis Pretorius were willing assistants and made life a lot easier for me.

Together with Bob and his nephew, the assistance of Kriek and Alta Fourie in breaking down the stall was invaluable.

With such enthusiastic support and the success behind us, I look forward to doing it all again next year.