Vergaderings van die tak word elke derde Saterdag van die maand om 14h00 gehou by die Nederduits Gereformeerde Kerk Ontdekkerskruin, Philipslaan, Ontdekkers, Roodepoort.
hierbo vir besonderhede.

01 August 2012

Experiencing a Legacy cruise

John Slyer
 At our meeting on the 21st July 2012 John Slyer gave a power point presentation about the Legacy cruise that he and his wife Noreen had been on, in May 2012. This was the 9th Annual Genealogy Cruise that that took place on board the Royal Caribbean Cruise liner “Vision Of The Seas”.

There are two legacy cruises. The first cruise starts in Oslo, Norway, goes via Le Havre Paris, Cherbourg France, Dublin , Liverpool on to Edinburgh and back to Oslo. The second cruise that John and Noreen did, starts in Oslo, goes to Aarhus in Denmark, Bergen Norway, Geiranger Fjord in Norway and back to Oslo.

Legacy sessions are held during the days at sea. Some of the topics covered were searching and tagging, keeping a clean database, mapping, key genealogical resources for Ireland and Scotland and British Estate Records. There was Legacy for beginners, Genviewer, Genmatcher and Gencatelogue as well as finding your elusive ancestor.

Bob Saunders
John showed photos of historical buildings in Aarhus. The Mayor’s House dated 1597 and the Mintmaster’s house built in 1750. They were fortunate to be in Bergen on one of the rare sunny days. Geiranger Fjord, surrounded by snow capped mountains, is a UNESCO World Heritage Site.

This was not only an enjoyable cruise but they also learnt a great deal about genealogy and Legacy in particular.

Bob Saunders, our chairman, then showed us a short movie he had made, called “The Cocaine and Heroin Saga”. This was based on common medications that, in the past, had contained the above mentioned substances. The movie was colourful and the captions amusing. Bob plans to make a short movie called “What is your link” that could be run continuously at Hobby X.